Buckwheat Husks

Organic Kapok


We are Worldwide traders in Organic Buckwheat Husk and Organic Kapok supplying in bulk to manufacturers, dealers & Earth Warriors everywhere.
Our Buckwheat Husks/Hulls are Clean & Dust Free and carry an especially relevant message as being cool and on trend when used in:
» Cushions
» Pillows
» Toys
» Mattresses
» Car seats

In fact wherever a versatile, adaptable ,adjustable filling with the added advantage of being breathable (great asset for pillows) and at one with planet Earth, is required Truly an ethically grown,oh so wonderful natural botanical,it grows very quickly in poor soil conditions without the need for pesticides and herbicides It is non synthetic & chemical free. (Tough on Monsanto)

The Husk we supply, (Buckwheat is not a wheat) provides a natural protection to the fruit (related to Rhubarb) against nature's invading organisms. More good news is that the husks are hypo-allergenic,so no allergies. Once their life in fields is over they will not attract insects & mites making them most suitable for stuffing products such as pillows & cushions. In fact they make incredibly wonderful pillows, if you visit Japan,South Korea & many parts of China you will find the only pillows available are filled with these husk. Ask any Korean businessman, why? When traveling to Europe he will most likely bring a pillow with him. " You crazy Europeans, why you sleep on foam or feathers?"

Did you know...?

That when packed into a pillow, buckwheat husks shift and move freely about the pillow case to support your head and neck in any position you like? Due to the natural shape of the husks, air is able to flow throughout the pillow which will keep your head cool in summer and warm in winter.

If only our parents had placed us to sleep on buckwheat pillows from ages nine months and up - surely us adults of today would not suffer from the back aches, neck pains and those awful migraines that plague us each and every day!

Authors note:
Memory foam pillows,being stuffed with toxic chemicals, as are feather types, are just a scam targeting the unsuspecting public. As for "bounce back" pillow advertised as comfortable when in the real World they are the opposite .When the head tries to rest on this awful substance the pillow will attempt to regain it's original shape thus putting a substantial strain on the small muscles in the neck. Perfect sleep is rendered impossible.Buckwheat Husk pillows are the only pillows to fully support the head,neck and shoulders, and do so naturally .

Everybody Sleeps...
and most could have their sleep ,therefore their heath & quality of life improved by non toxic Buckwheat husk pillow

Organic Kapok
We hold substantial stock of this wonderful ,soft cotton like material which grows on the mighty Kapok tree