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Organic buckwheat hulls/husks .. The holy grail of perfect fillings for: Pillows, cushions, toys, meditation & yoga products!!! the day will come when all western Europe will sleep on buckwheat hull pillows , which are maellable and easily shaped affording the sleeper perfect support.

Having traded worldwide since 1996 in organic hulls we have pleasure in creating our new website offering bulk buyers the opportunity to buy from a UK source.

Further organic Java kapok is a great alternative fill to buckwheat husks for manufacturers to produce, in particular zafu & zabuton mats & seats, lighter weight products appealing to the feminine gender.

With these great Natural fillings, manufacturers will gain immense customer satisfaction and goodwill, improving the Health of the world’s population, and protecting the precious Environment. Exceed Customer Expectation!

We need to thrive here on God's Green Earth.. but we have not been the best steward's .. In an effort to feed millions, and make billions, something went awry, most of the crops are processed or genetically modified, pumped full of antibiotics & pesticides.. not so if manufacturers use our buckwheat husks and/or Java kapok, organically grown with love ! The use of our fillings goes a long way to ensuring your manufacturing processes are truly eco-friendly.

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